From Stephen Lawrence to Hillsborough: the cases that show we can’t trust the state with mass surveillance


Please find a link to our latest briefing detailing our concerns with the IP Bill here.

This note addresses the state’s long history of misusing its surveillance powers and asks whether the police and intelligence agencies can really be trusted with mass surveillance. If an exception is necessary for the trade unions, there is strong reason to believe it is necessary for the many other groups who are vulnerable to state spying, not to mention the public at large.

LCHR recommend the following amendments:

• Removing the sections of the IPB proposing bulk retention of internet connection records and bulk equipment interference in their entirety.

• Replacing provisions for bulk communications intercept with targeted intercept only, abolishing the system of general warrants and replacing them with a system of individual warrants issued on the basis of reasonable suspicion.

We hope that this perspective will be helpful for Labour MPs, peers and party members as debate continues on the Investigatory Powers Bill.

Read the briefing in full here.