Briefings and pamphlets

Below is a collection of LCHR’s policy briefings and pamphlets.

April 2018

Brexit and Human Rights Briefing No.5: Alternatives to Free Movement

January 2018

Brexit and Human Rights Briefing No.4: Variations on Free Movement Briefing

December 2017

Brexit and Human Rights Briefing No.3: Free Movement and Human Rights

November 2017

The Dangers of the Prevent Strategy.

October 2017

Brexit and human rights project briefing No.2: Protecting Employment and Equality Rights. 

September 2017

Brexit and human rights project briefing No.1: Protecting citizens’ rights

August 2017

Making the case for Legal Aid

Restrictions on Family Migration: Spousal Visas

July 2017

Ending Indefinite Detention in the Asylum System

June 2017

Human rights in the hung parliament

May 2017

Manifesto priorities 2017

April 2017

Human rights and workers’ rights after Brexit

End-to-end encryption

March 2017

The Prevent Strategy in early years education

Article 50 and EU Nationals’ Right to Remain

February 2017

Implications of the Watson CJEU judgement on data surveillance

December 2016

Rebutting arguments for a British Bill of Rights

October 2016

The European Convention on Human Rights and the British Army

July 2016

March 2016

The human rights argument for remaining in the EU (or download here)

Investigatory Powers Bill Briefing (or download here)

Older briefings and pamphlets