CLP Events 2017

Over the course of 2017 LCHR will be offering new CLP talks designed around our new campaigns. Check this page for information on the talks we are currently providing and CLPs we are due to visit.

Our new CLP session: Human rights after Brexit

Key areas for discussion include:

* The residency rights of EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU

* The employment rights guaranteed to UK nationals through EU law, and how these may be affected by Brexit

* The immigration system – what’s a fair and humane immigration system that accommodates human rights and the concerns about freedom of movement expressed in the Brexit vote?

Key questions for Labour activists:

* What do you think are the main reasons people voted for Brexit?

* How can we make a positive case for immigration? What do people respond to on the doorstep?

* Are constituents (and activists themselves) aware of the employment rights that are now at risk, and how would they respond to calls to keep them as part of a Brexit deal?

* Does freedom of movement have to be ended? Will ending it be enough to satisfy constituents’ concerns?

* Should EU nationals already living in the UK have an automatic right to remain? Will constituents accept this?

So far we have run this session in the following CLPs:

Tooting (February 2017)
Cities of London & Westminster (February 2017)
Woking (June 2017)
Castle Point (September 2017)

If you would like us to visit your CLP and run this session please email

Between 2014 and 2016 we ran a series of successful workshops on The Human Rights Act in the following CLPs:

Bristol West
Tunbridge Wells
Birmingham Edgbaston
North Warwickshire
Wyre Forest
Birmingham Erdington