Membership benefits and conditions

People joining LCHR will be classed as ‘associate members’. Associate membership benefits and conditions will in the ordinary course of business be reviewed by the board every two years, although the board may at their absolute discretion amend these benefits and conditions at any time.


LCHR associate members will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to apply to serve on LCHR’s board of directors.
  • To input into LCHR’s organisational decision-making through a board representative.
  • Participation in our annual consultation on which issues LCHR should campaign on and how we should run our campaigns.
  • Free entry to all our events.
  • The opportunity to get directly involved with our campaigns by writing blogs, contributing to briefings, and participating in parliamentary events.


  • The associate members will not be company law members under the Companies Act 2006 and will not have rights and powers under LCHR’s articles of association or the Companies Act 2006.
  • Associate members will be joining a committee of ‘associate members’. This will be a large committee that will be subject to these benefits and conditions and any other rules or terms of reference decided by the board from time to time. LCHR may form other separate committees from time to time on such terms as it decides.
  • Associate membership fees are £10 per annum for the standard rate, and £5 for the reduced rate. People who have retired, under 18s, students, unwaged, and people with disabilities all qualify for the reduced rate. Associate members may also choose to join for a £20 higher rate.
  • Associate membership fees are payable by direct debit and will renew automatically unless associate members cancel their associate membership. They will be charged on the day of joining and then again, each year, on the anniversary of joining.
  • Failure to pay associate membership fees within 28 days of their due date will automatically result in termination of associate membership.
  • Associate membership can be cancelled at any time, but fees already paid will not be refunded.
  • LCHR’s board of directors can terminate anyone’s associate membership at any time and for any reason. Fees already paid will not be refunded. Decisions to terminate an associate membership must be made by a majority of the board. Reasons for termination are likely to include (but are not limited to) abuse and harassment.
  • There will in the ordinary course of business be one member of the LCHR board of directors drawn from the associate membership. They will be appointed by the existing board, who will invite and consider applications for the position from amongst the associate membership. All associate members are entitled to apply and be considered, but the existing board of directors retains discretion over which associate member is appointed.
  • The term of the appointed board member drawn from the associate membership will come to an end after two years from their appointment. Ordinarily a new associate member will be appointed in their place provided the board receives an application or applications from a suitable candidate or candidates. The first board member drawn from the associate membership will be appointed once LCHR has reached a minimum of 50 associate members.
  • All associate members are entitled to participate in our annual consultation, and to suggest ways of getting involved in LCHR’s campaigns. However, LCHR cannot guarantee that it will always adopt associate members’ suggestions, consultation submissions, blogs, briefings or any other proposals of any kind.
  • Associate members do not have the power to change the composition of LCHR’s board, company law membership, employees, or change LCHR’s articles of association or any other governing documents or terms and conditions.
  • Associate members must also be members of the Labour Party, except if they join as ‘supporters’.